Services & Pricing

Our prices are simple and there are NO HIDDEN FEEES.  All our services are classified as wellness care and are not covered by insurance or medicare.

1st Visit - $60

Your first visit includes a consultation, exam, and a hands on adjustment.  X-rays are not required but there may be a rare occasion where the doctor will recommend an x-ray or other test before an adjustment.  If other test are recommended you will be referred out to the proper facility or healthcare provider.

Chiropractic exam and adjustment by chiropractor in Nixa Missouri

Following visits - $35

Each visit you will receive a full spinal adjustment and the direct attention from the doctor.  Also, let the doctor know if your shoulder, elbows, wrists, knees or ankles are bothering you.

Chiropractic adjustment by chiropractor in Nixa Missouri

Therapy - $10-$25 per therapy

If needed we provide a wide variety of therapies:


Electric Muscle Stimulation

Post-Isometric Relaxation

Active Isolated Stretching

Trigger Point Therapy

Denneroll Therapy


Chiropractic therapies by chiropractor in Nixa Missouri

Sports Physicals - $35

If your child is needing a physical for sports we take care of those too!  Scheduling them is preferred but we all know sometimes kids just don't tell us that their physicals are due until the first day of practice.  If that happens we will gladly get them in before their practice begins so they can participate right away.


Sports physical preparticipation exam by chiropractor in Nixa Missouri