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"Awesome chiropractor!! I am sitting straighter than I have in over 19 years!!  I have been going to another chiropractor for many years & Dr. Horstman has helped me so much in only 3 or 4 visits!"



"I began having extreme daily headaches this summer that would not go away with medicine.  Dr. Horstman was able to completely rid me of them!  I have never been to a Chiropractor that worked on pressure points to help keep my spine in alignment after an adjustment.  Amazing!  Iron Mountain Chiropractic will be our family Chiropractor from now on!"



"Such a great, personable doc:) super talented and I really appreciate the bedside manor!  Great place!  I'll definitely continue to go AND refer everyone I know!:)"



"I could barely stand up straight this morning with a sharp pain in my neck/back.  I came in, Dr. Clay gave me an adjustment, and it was unbelievable!  Within minutes I felt amazing.  Job well done, I highly recommend Iron Mountain Chiropractic!"



"Have been to see Doctor Horstman twice now... If you dread going to the chiropractor because of the rough treatment you receive at YOUR chiropractor, consider Iron Mountain in Nixa.  He takes his time to make sure you're in just the right position, and doesn't treat his practice like a cattle drive!  You aren't just a number, and he cares whether or not he helped!"



"I had my first adjustment by him last week and felt great afterwards.  Today I went in because I felt a migraine coming on.  He did techniques I never heard of and while the headache wasn't gone when I left, it was considerably better.  After an afternoon of rest, my headache is GONE!  He's the best chiropractor I've been to in years and I highly recommend him.  He spends time getting to know you and what your concerns are and treats accordingly.  I'd give him 10 stars if I could!"



"The best and most affordable chiropractor!  He's also great with kids!"



"Always gives a great adjustment and got my week long headache to go away!  Definitely will only us him!"



"Just had an adjustment by Dr. Clay and feel amazing.  Have had trouble with my knees for some time now and can finally walk up stairs without pain.  Awesome Dr.  Great prices and services!  Highly recommend!!"



"Highly recommend!  Personalized treatment, knowledgeable and caring."



"Thank you Dr. Horstman!!  Today is my birthday and with my pinched nerve I wasn't sure if I would even be able to celebrate.  After my adjustment yesterday I feel amazing today!!  You are amazing!!!"


"I have a ruptured disc from last year. At the end of August I hurt my back again.  I was in horrific pain.  I went to the doctor on the 1st of September and was given a shot of pain medicine, steroids and an anti-inflammatory.  I suffered for another week before going back to see the doctor and this time getting more pain medicine and muscle relaxers.   I also was referred to a physical therapist to start treatment.  Again another week and no relief.   The pain was so bad on Tuesday (9/15) that I was going to go to the ER.  I couldn't even roll over in bed, my husband had to leave work early and come home and help me get up.   My mom suggested I try a chiropractor before going to the ER.  We found Iron Mountain online and made an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. Dr. Horstman was very kind and understanding.  He explained everything that he was doing and was careful to not cause more discomfort than necessary.   When he was finished the pain had already went from a 10 to an 8.  He told me that the next day I might hurt more because of the adjustments and gave me instructions for aftercare at home.  On Wednesday for the first time in ALL of September I did not have to take a pain pill!!  I could move around and for the first time, I felt hope that this would get better.  Today I saw Dr. Horstman again for an adjustment and I was worried about hurting afterwards, but I feel great!!  I still have pain, but it is manageable.  I can move around, I can walk.   I am so thankful I took my mom's advice and tried this.  And thanks to Dr. Horstman.   I've tried other chiropractors before and wasn't sure if it helped or made things worse.  Dr. Horstman definitely makes things better!!!!! Thank you!!!"



"At 36 weeks pregnant, my back/hips/neck are now very thankful and feel great.  I'm a skeptic usually, but it's safe to say I'm now a believer.  Well done!"



"First time and a wonderful experience.... I will be back."



"Outstanding Healer - Thank you so much for your professionalism & practice!"



"This guy right here is smart in his art!  He is willing to educate his audience to make them better!  Pleasure to have him as my chiro!"



"One of the best docs I know!!  Will surely be visiting him anytime I'm lucky enough to be in the area!!"



"Best Chiropractor!  We miss you in Colorado!  Our daughter Johanna said just the other day she needed to see you but you were still gone.  Hope all is going well!"



"Dr. Clay is a fabulous chiropractor!!  We were so sad that he left Colorado.. people of Nixa.. our loss is your gain."



"Dr. Horstman is an amazing Chiropractor.  He is very thorough and extremely knowledgeable.  He explains the adjustment as he does it so that you know what's happening.  Which is so important for a patient that is new to Chiropractic care.  Not only is he a terrific Doc but he is a very kind hearted and caring one as well.  A wonderful human being all the way around.  If you don't stop by Iron Mountain Chiropractic to meet Dr. Horstman and discuss how he can help what's ailing you then you will be missing out on the chance to feel really great."



"Ok best chiropractor out there!  We recommend him."



"Dr. Clay is great!  He knows what he is doing and takes the time to do the technique that will work the best for you.  Honest, encouraging man!  Must see him!"



"Having had the privilege of working with Dr. Clay, I miss him and the benefits of his adjustment.  I would highly recommend him and his clinic for your Chiropractic needs!"



"Highly recommend Dr. Clay for those looking for an amazing family chiropractor!  I have been to quite a few chiropractors and Dr. Clay has helped me so much.  HIs adjustments are very specific and I feel amazing after works me over.  Thanks doc!"



"Does an amazing job!  Listens to his patients and takes time to personalize the adjustment to fit your needs."



"Dr. Horstman is a great chiropractor!  He takes time to evaluate your needs at every adjustment and always discusses treatment in an understandable manner.  His knowledge and expertise is top notch.  I highly recommend him!"



"Dr. Horstman is an excellent chiropractor.  I would highly recommend!"



"If I lived in Missouri I would go to Dr. Horstman!"



"I've known this Chiropractor a long time.  He will do everything he can to give his patients the help they need."



"Best chiropractor ever!  He has helped all of our family members who have been hurting, not just back issues, but legs, neck, sternum....I highly recommend him!  he has definitely worked hard to become a great doctor, an awesome son, daddy, and husband.  You rock our world!"



"Best chiropractor that anyone could have.  If athletes are hurting, I recommend Dr. Horstman."